Organic Indian Spice Blends Gift Pack

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As one of the most populous countries on Earth, Indian cuisine is actually many cuisines of many peoples. Teeny Tiny Spice Co. has bundled five Indian spice blends into a single variety pack to create the perfect gift for the adventurous cook.


Certified USDA Organic

Certified Kosher

Gluten Free


5 x 2.8 oz Reusable Metal Tins



Our Garam Masala is an amazingly versatile spice blend that we use in both savory and sweet cooking. Add it to a savory dish near the end of the cooking, such as a pinch dusted over pan seared scallops. Two teaspoons added to your favorite pumpkin, banana or spice bread recipe will provide you with a familiar yet enhanced flavor experience.


A traditional spice mixture of North India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Tandoori Masala is typically combined with yogurt and used as a marinade with chicken, fish or other meat. Also use it as a dry rub or as a flavoring for a simple curry dish with coconut milk. Unlike most Tandoori Masala blends, ours has no artificial color.


Vindaloo is a mustard seed based Indian spice blend. It originates in the Goan people's Southwest Indian interpretation of a traditional Portuguese wine and meat dish. The heat of our Vindaloo is brief and pleasant without burning, followed by spice, salt and sweet. Combine with wine, coconut milk, broth or water and a bit of vinegar in making a traditional vindaloo curry. We also use it as a dry rub on grilled and pan fried meats and tofu, and mixed in to ground meats.


An onion based curry blend from Southeast India, Vadavan is a rich and flavorful curry blend sometimes called Vadouvan or French Curry that has recently emerged into European and American cooking. It has a full flavor and mild heat that is a great complementary addition to our selection of Indian spice blends.


A proper 19th Century British curry had both curry powder and curry paste as ingredients. We have combined these elements and the traditional turmeric base into a single blend for a classic flavor.