Organic Mexican Spice Blends Gift Pack

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Mexican Cuisine is complex and varied. Teeny Tiny Spice Co. has combined their four Mexican spice blends into a single variety pack that makes a fantastic gift for any food lover.


Certified USDA Organic

Certified Kosher

Gluten Free


4 x 2.8 oz Reusable Metal Tins


Yucatecan Recado Rojo provides a rich earthy flavor to the cooking of the Yucatan Peninsula. Traditionally, this spice blend is combined with citrus juice or vinegar to make a wet rub or marinade. We find that this blend is also delicious added straight to meats, veggies and eggs.


Oaxacan Adobo is a chili based blend, fantastic as a dry spice rub or as a general spice blend. It truly shines when combined with a bit of citrus juice or vinegar to make a marinade. The flavor is a round and deep earthiness with moderate chili heat and fruitiness that will bring diners back for more.


This spice blend is based on the flavors of Tolucan Chorizo, giving you the ability to add the rich spice and mild earthiness of Mexican chorizo to any dish. Great with vegetables and meats, it can be also be combined with wine, oil, vinegar or juice to create a delicious rub or marinade.


Chocolate Chili is one of those rare instances where you get true great flavors along with a deep chili heat. We love this mix on meats, in chiles and sauces. A pinch is great in hot chocolate!